Garden Tours

Growing fruits and vegetables on your own land is one of the most rewarding gift our Earth has given us. Whether you have acres or a patio, watching seeds grow into plants and fruit is just amazing.

So gather your family, friends, and children of all ages and come visit our garden. The tour takes a little over one hour. We will see whats growing in the garden while learning about the plants cycle of life from seed to fruit. We will also choose from a selection of seeds to plant in a cup and take home to watch them grow.

We have ten hens, a rooster named Carl and two horses, Lucy and Star, so bring lots of questions. You will learn how to feed and care for them and also how to keep their house clean.

In our visit to the honey house we will learn the importance of bees to our gardens and how to keep them happy and working for us. We will see frames of pure honey and get to taste it too. We will also learn how to process the beeswax and try the lotions made from it.

This general tour is perfect for home school groups, girl and boy scout troops, and young children. For groups with 10 or less children and their parents, the charge is $100 for the hour. Between 10 and 15 children is $150. The tour will be tailored to the group’s specific interests.

We also have mini honey bears and lip dew for $3. Call to make arrangements.