Educating our Youth

Every good deed we do helps restore balance and harmony to the environment we live in.

We strive to instill respect for the natural balance of Earth’s cycles by providing educational workshops and tours to children of all ages. Our classes take place in the backyard of our mini organic farm.

On our little farm, the children will get to interact with chickens and horses, explore the garden and it’s ever changing fruits and vegetables, learn about the seasons, compost, and experience our pollinators in their natural habitat.

Some of the things we  will explore are:

* Learning all about honeybees.

  • The life cycle of a plant – From seed, to flower, pollination,  fruit and back to seed.
  •  Each child will be able to plant a seed and take it home to watch it grow.
  • How to compost by recycling garden waste.
  • Visit the honey house and learn how to process honey and beeswax.
  • Honey tasting